Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Holiday Schmoliday

Thank god for work - the banks may call it a holiday but it was no break for us. It's become increasingly obvious that I'm not going to achieve any new things during daylight hours. All the new things I managed to do this weekend (2) were done once the ankle-biters were safely sobbing in their beds.
Well, the evening at the village hall was a revelation. Our MP turns out to be a lovely guy who was happy to talk about all sorts of things - important stuff like 'dualing' the A303 along its entirety, the proposed pumping station in the village (more of that another time - a rant coming on) and Monsieur Sarkozy's impending fall from power (though not sure how that's a local issue). Most importantly we learned that the ticket price for the Jubilee Hog Roast and Beacon Lighting have been halved to a fiver following a grant from our very generous council - there was a stampede to sign up. But a new thing happened to me. I am now on the Village Hall Committee which I can only imagine is a very important thing indeed. Because I have a vision and that is to turn it into a pub once a month, with a barrel of local beer and some decent wine. Most importantly, a pub that we don't have to drive to. Although you could argue that that's the function of our sitting room every night - apart from lacking a barrel of beer.

The second new thing was that I honoured my promise to cook more by making something on one of the 3 bank holiday evenings which is one evening more than I might normally have bothered. The 'Sweet and Sour Salmon Noodle Salad' from this month's Olive magazine was a triumph and went rather well with the bottle of 2005 Grand Cru Chablis from Fevre. And that was on top of harvesting and cooking our rhubarb (with orange juice and ginger) and making a chocolate sponge.  But I was so exhausted from that effort that Boy had to run the kitchen for the next two nights.

This week's promises include going for 3 runs, trying to read the Sunday papers before Sunday, making a cornish pasty and, potentially, two AFDs (Alcohol Free Days) in a row.

Place your bets now.....

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