Sunday, 20 May 2012

It's just not cricket....or is it?

See what happens when I get let out for a day, back in the big smoke? I try to recreate my early 30-something self, the one before kids, when a day at Lords was a regular and always completely self-indulgent occurrence. Unfortunately on Friday I was let down by a customer and so had to spend a day at the cricket with my lovely sister Stick. It all started off swimmingly, a great picnic and some chilled fizz packed in the bag but the sight of mouse droppings in our wine glasses should have hinted at a potential fall from grace because we had to nip downstairs and ask for a couple of plastic pint glasses (must get the pest man round again - clearly it didn't work). It was still going swimmingly at tea however, at which point we moved seats to sit next to some old friends, who were a bad influence even in the old days. The last couple of bottles of champagne were my undoing. Luckily, Stick, who is two years younger but eminently more sensible, was there to bundle us into a cab and onto my train. I thought I was having a touch of deja-vu when she reappeared on the train next to me only minutes after having got off to make her way home. But yes, she had got back on to move me into the front three carriages - something I do without even thinking whenever I make that regular journey from Waterloo.

Hey ho - a power-snooze later I woke up at Salisbury which was rather handy given that my station is 10 minutes later. Luckily Stick had also phoned Boy to warn him what train I was on. Apparently I had too, though what were the chances of me remembering that? Zero it seems because I followed the call with a text just to make sure he knew.

Still, I suppose it was good practice for the coming week - the week when the entire wine trade gather in London to gossip and, theoretically, "do business". Needless to say it's more of a sustained bar session with almost obligatory late nights every night. It's tough also being away from the kids but at least The Monkey had some touching parting words for me - "Mummy, I love you more than my clothes and more than any curtain". Well, that's ok, I can rest easy then.

At least I have some words of wisdom for the little boy who Stick overheard being threatened by his mother as he misbehaved at the bus-stop. "If you don't start behaving, I'll take you to the cricket!"she said. That's fine but when you're there don't swap your dainty wine glasses for plastic pints.

Here's a bad and very dull photo to prove I was there, even if I don't remember it.

All out.

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