Friday, 4 May 2012

"Why do today what you can possibly put off until tomorrow?" I've always been adamant that that little known phrase would be carefully carved onto my gravestone. But I'm having a change of heart. I'm too fidgety to abide by that rule so I've decided to still maintain it but reserve its use for the more mundane aspects of life - ironing (can't remember the last time I did that anyway), reading a letter from HMRC, persevering at a tough sudoku. From now on I am going to cook more, try more diverse wine (stuck in a bit of an Antipodean rut in this house with both of us working for Oz and Kiwi wineries), run more, train properly for the half marathon and generally try lots of little things that I might not have done before. Day 1 starts with an evening at the village hall - radical I hear you say. But that's precisely my point. The old me would have put off spending an evening listening to our local MP in favour of watching another 3 episodes of ER (only 15 more to go) but, what the hell, I'm going to go because I might even learn something new. And it may give me something to rant about tomorrow other than suitable stone for graveyards - more of that another time. Tally Ho!

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